Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Air Car

Talk about environmentally friendly! It only goes 200 kilometers on a tank (about 125 miles), but it is filled up with air. The first video is a BBC news report.

And here is an Australian report:


Anonymous said...

The Air Car - readers comment what this has to offer in compariosn to electric vehicles - straightforward technology that is easy to repair, no emission whilst driving, no waste batteries, materials of construction which are resistant to corrosion, little energy usage. So why has such a product not been on the market earlier - energy has been too cheap such that luxury travel in big heavy inefficient ptrol/diesel cars has been within the financial reach of most people. The Air Car technology will certainly be refined, its range extended and comfort features added. This technology should have been introduced long ago instead of perople (especially in the USA) investing in innecessary big SUV, cars with tubochargers and so forth. Many contemporary cars are just used for transporting one person between work and home in a grossly inefficient manner over distances of 30-50 miles. This Air Car technology provides a perfect solution ... provided people are prepared to swallow their pride and migrate from their SUV's to this new technology. I suspect that most US citizens are so trapped in their way of life that they have not the mental agility to grasp the benefits of this innovation - in Europe we are generally rather smater in our thinking and prepared to accept small cars (e.g. from Fiat et al.)

This technology must suceed - go for it bigtime.

Tim Acapo

Anonymous said...

It's just a SCAM, there's nothing in there.

Read this:

Or take a few minutes and Google for "air car fraud" or "air car scam".