Thursday, November 30, 2006


The local weathermen are saying that the snow/ice storm that is rolling through Oklahoma right now is the largest one in over a decade. They are telling us not to go out unless it is an absolute emergency. I will be heeding their advice and sitting down and reading Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki's new book Why We Want You to be Rich.

Initially, I was a little surprised in that they acknowledge the shrinking middle class. When I bought the book at Sam's Club, I initially thought: "oh great, another 'happy talk' motivational book." So far, in the first 20 or so pages that I have gotten through, I only have a few minor critiques that hope to blog about later today.

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teripittman said...

Already got our snow and it looks like the freezing rain didn't materialize.

I wanted to comment on the shrinking middle class thing. I think the biggest problem is that Americans have forgotten what middle class means. Middle class does not mean going out and buying the biggest plasma tv you can find. The middle class in this country used to be frugal. They didn't go into debt. They saved up to buy things. They put Christmas gifts on layaway instead of going into debt (and Walmart just discontinued layaway this year.) They bought a home with the idea of payinng off the mortgage. They bought modest cars, paying a downpayment and paying in full if possible. They were part of the community. They did not own second homes or investment property. They might take a vacation but it usually wouldn't be very glamourous.

The middle class today wants to live a rich lifestyle. They buy a tremendous amount of stuff on credit. They think nothing about a $100 a month cable tv bill. They wouldn't dream of waiting a year to save up to buy something. They want large houses with new furnishings. Cars aren't good enough any more. We need to line the roads with SUVs. Saving for a rainy day is passe.

People need to be a lot more realistic in their expectations. They need to have a better idea of what they can actually afford on what they make. And they really need to put some effort into saving for a rainy day, instead of looking for get rich quick schemes. I'd like to see Americans embracing a much more modest lifestyle.

Watch out for that snow! When my cousin was driving truck, he once made a delivery to New York City. A local guy helped him back into the spot and yelled out "Get out of the way! He's from Oklahoma!" Lots of crazy drivers out your way.