Monday, December 11, 2006

Exciting Hornets Game

A last-minute ticket became available from the Oklahoma Bar Association for tonight's Hornets basketball game. The Hornets played LaBron James (aka the Cleveland Cavaliers). Actually, that isn't fair. The Cavs had three very good players: besides, James, the Cav's center, a 7'3" giant who towered over pretty much anyone else on the court, was also a great shooter in his own right; and some guy with a big afro was very effective as a rebounder and shooter.

In the end, the Hornets prevailed for two critical reasons, from my vantage point: their notorious Third Quarter Drought™ did not materialize, and LaBron James went stone-cold in the fourth quarter.

It was an exciting game throughout. It was close right up to the very end. For most of the game, the Hornets were struggling just to stay even. It also seemed like the Cav's shots came easy, while the Hornets had to struggle for every basket. The Hornets pulled ahead in the last three minutes and managed to hold on until the clock ran out. The win is even more impressive if you consider that the Hornets are missing three of their best players due to injuries.

Chris Paul (aka CP3 -- his initials plus his jersey number) led the Hornets with 30 points and was named the game's MVP. The Hornets are now 10-8. When Peja Stojakovi─ç comes back from his injuries, the Hornets are going to be one formidable team.

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