Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The New Apprentice

During the Christmas break, I did some resting and watched a little TV. A new commercial for Donald Trump's The Apprentice came on. According to the commercial, the winners get to live in a lavish mansion, while the losers will be destined to live in tents in less than ideal circumstances.

I have previously commented on Trump's new book with Robert Kiyosaki here and here.

Based on the commercial that I saw, I am starting to wonder if the wealthy aren't thinking that this is the type of society that we should create: the "winners" living in opulent luxury, while the "losers" should be relegated to living on the street, or at least in tents.

In fact, if you consider all of the "reality" shows that are on TV, you could get the impression that there is a kind of zeitgeist or milieu of the return of Social Darwinism. It seems to me that the movers and shakers of our society are trying to convince the masses that they all can win -- if only they apply themselves. However, if you play and lose, well then, to hell with you.

I don't know, but something seems terribly amiss with a culture that exalts such norms.


Ye ole conservative blogger said...

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I hesitate to comment or to quote a fine pragmatic deistic humanist such as you.
I find your comments interesting. You must be young to hold such thoughts but we can agree about the very rich whose greed keeps the downtrodon trod upon. Visit my humble site

Teri said...

Compare it to the 50s, when it was a middle class society. If you look at the movers and shakers, they look remarkably like the white collar workers of the day.

Personally, I've already moved to the trailer in the boonies with the rest of the peons. Much more congenial place and a better place to ride out economic storms that where those wanna-be Trumps are sitting.