Friday, February 23, 2007

A Government Cover-Up? Say It Isn't So!

Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo has a couple of posts speculating about the Carol Lam firing out in San Diego. Mr. Marshall writes:

A number of TPM Readers have written in suggesting that former US Attorney Carol Lam's firing was at the heart of the US Attorney purge. The others were meant as cover, to deflect attention from what looked like an attempt to shutdown her investigation and make her appear to be just one of several firees. I think that's quite possible actually. And there are people involved in the case who think the same thing.

Carol Lam is the U.S. Attorney who prosecuted Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham for corruption. Just as she was set to bring indictments against a CIA officer and Pentagon contractor -- and right when the investigation was heating up -- she was removed from her position.

Official corruption and a cover-up in Washington? Say it isn't so!

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