Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday Music: Newsboys

What Mark Heard's music is to the serious, intellectual side of Christian music, the Newsboys are the mainstream, popular, syruppy, fun and danceable side of Christian entertainment.

The Newsboys music tends to be very traditional in that their music is very blatant in preaching a Christian message. The Newsboys' songs are usually celebratory in nature and it is no wonder that their concerts are so popular in the U.S. I have to admit, I am a fan, too. I have seen them in concert three times: twice at Winter Jam (which was a very shortened version of their concert) and once at Frontier City Amusement Park (which I think may be closed permanently now), which was a full two-hour concert.

You can watch their videos online at the Newsboys Television site. It requires a high-speed internet connection, but, other than that, you can play it in any format (RealPlayer, Quicktime or Windows Media). The main videos to watch (in terms of popularity of their songs) are: Shine, Entertaining Angels, Million Pieces and He Reigns.

The Newsboys will apparently be in Oklahoma City on April 21, 2007, at the Cox Convention Center, at 7pm.

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