Tuesday, October 02, 2007

John Dean: The Impact of Authoritarian Conservatism

John Dean has written the third part in his three part series on Authoritarian Conservatism. Here is a snippet:

Nixon created the "imperial presidency." After the public rejected that concentration of power, in the aftermath of Watergate, Reagan restored the imperial presidency in another guise. Now, Bush and Cheney have created the post-imperial presidency. Using the threat of terrorism as their justification, Bush and Cheney have embraced the so-called "unitary executive theory" - which, in truth, is merely another term for an authoritarian presidency.

I have been saying the same thing for a quite a while.

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Redstater said...

Just because YOU have been saying "it" doesn't make "it" true, factual or actual.
The Imperialism claim just doesn't hold water. While your ignorance (or ignoring) of facts seems reasonable to you, in reality it is just more Bush Derangement Disorder in action, while you support socialized medicine, redistribution of wealth and surrender to Islamic throatcutting terrorists.

Since the choices are... communism, convert to Islam or the so-called "Imperial Bush Presidency"...
well you can guess the rest.