Thursday, October 04, 2007

Rising Inequality

I found a statement made by Alan Greenspan recently quite disturbing. Greenspan Book Criticizes Bush And Republicans:

Greenspan worries that rising income inequality could undo “the cultural ties that bind our society” and even lead to “large-scale violence.”

His solution to remedy this situation is “not higher taxes on the rich but improved education”, which, he claims, “can be helped by paying math teachers more.”

It might help, though, if rich people paid at least comparable rates as working class people do.

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Redstater said...

So, which is more?

17% of a $-billion or 30% of $45,000.00... you do the math and get back to me on who is paying their fair share.

Typicritcal socialist math from the left... no wonder Greenspan is calling for better math teachers.