Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Even K-Love's Closer Look is asking whether Christians should only be Republican

Listen to the second segment of the October 30, 2006, Closer Look show from the nationwide K-Love radio station. The interviewer asks questions of representatives of both political parties. Most of the interviewees are conservative (2 Republicans and 1 conservative Democrat), but this probably reflects the ratio of Christians nationwide. Religion is a natural conservative force in society. But they did at least interview one moderate-liberal among the group.

I think in the coming years more Christians will start to listen to the interests of the Christian Left. It is unquestionably part of the great tradition of Christian thought throughout the centuries to push for more justice for the weakest members of society.


I have posted both what is supposed to be an embedded video and a link to the same on YouTube just in case. It is a video of a local minister here in Oklahoma City named Dr. Robin Meyers, who is the pastor of Mayflower Congregational Church, which is a Universal Church of Christ (UCC) congregation. The UCC is known for its controversial advertisements which were censored by the major networks. Dr. Meyers also writes a regular column for the Oklahoma Gazette, a weekly newspaper that gives a lot of information about local arts and politics. I don't agree with everything Rev. Meyers says (I am not a pantheist -- that is to say, I don't think there are many paths to God), but the points about a country's movement toward fascism are worth listening to.

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