Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I have been busy....

Last Friday, I went down to Dallas, Texas to watch the OU-Texas football game. My alma mater lost (8-<). Anyway, the Texas State Fair was nice. The Texas football fans, on the other hand after the game, were not. At least the taunting was not as bad this time as it was last time I went when John Blake was coach and OU lost like 48-10.

That makes two games that I have managed to go to, and OU lost both times.

Then both yesterday and today I went house shopping. Although I am worried about the Housing Bubble, I want to get out of the house that I am in, which is way too big (1700 sf) and get into a more desireable neighborhood. The almost 1 acre of land that I have is nice, but I really don't need that much space right now. The thing is, the houses I have been looking at, which are about half the size of the one I am in, with less than half the yard space, cost a little more (at least in asking price) what I expect I could get for my house where I am at.

So far, however, I have found no less than 4 houses that I could easily see myself living in. They all are very similar in asking price (~$80,000 to $90,000) and range in size from 950sf to 1100sf; each has a small yard of .15 acres to .3 acres. The prices for the homes amount to about $75 to $80 per sq. ft. and about $10 per sq. ft. for yard space.

By California standards, that is downright cheap. But I still worry about OKC's own housing bubble, as small as it is. I would hate to think that I would be buying at the wrong time and lose any and all equity within a few years in case I need to make a major career change.

Decisions, decisions....

I would appreciate some advice from others who are more knowledgeable than I am about this subject (housing bubble).

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