Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Andrew Sullivan: Deep, Deep Corruption of the Justice System

But what is the actual pattern of prosecutions by U.S. Attorneys under the Bush administration? Here's a month-old statistical study that seems to me to be worth wider examination. The authors of the study notice a fascinating wrinkle: there is not much partisan disparity in prosecutions at the state-wide or federal level, where the national press keeps tabs. But when you look at the local level, below the radar of the national media, you find something much more striking. If you remove Justice Department investigations of State-wide and federal elected officials from the tally, and look solely at investigations of local officials, you're left with a stunning disparity:

From 2001 through 2006 the Bush Justice Department investigated elected Democratic office holders and office seekers locally (non-state-wide and non federal offices) at a rate more than seven times greater (nearly 85 percent to 12 percent) than they investigated local Republican elected office holders and seekers. This was so even though, throughout the nation, Democrat elected officials outnumber Republican elected officials at the rate of only 50 percent to 41 percent. Nine percent of elected officials are Independent/Other.

This strikes me as classic Rove. He works below the radar, using the U.S. Attorney system to throttle the opposition party, knowing that only local media will pick up on the local stories and that the pattern likely won't emerge in the national media. Hence the panic from Gonzales when the media started pulling at the thread. Pull some more, guys. We may have deep, deep corruption of the justice system, all designed to foment unstoppable, uncheckable one-party rule.

Even conservative Andrew Sullivan is starting to question the Bush Administration's use of the Justice Department for political ends. And the fact that certain Administration staffers are planning to take the Fifth Amendment to avoid answering questions out to raise eyebrows even more.

Using the Justice Department to saddle the opposition party is the very definition of abuse of power. The facts that are starting to come out are pointing more and more to just such a scenario. Because this is the case, it is imperative that Congress investigate the firing of the US Attorneys.


Teri said...

Andrew Sullivan is not considered a conservative. He broke with Bush over gay marriage. Most of the folks who I would call conservative stopped reading Andrew about 2002.

Dave said...

Just because he broke with the Bush doesn't mean he's not a conservative. Moderate conservative, but conservative nonetheless.

Fried Onions said...

Andrew is a Rino. Repub in name only
He is a poster boy for the gaycon tactic.

Are you a real lawyer?

OkieLawyer said...

First, yes I am a real lawyer. I can be found in the Oklahoma City phone book under "Bankruptcy Law."

I am not sure what you mean by "gaycon tactic." And just how would that discredit what he says? Or his conservatism for that matter?