Friday, March 23, 2007

Josh Marshall: It's Really That Simple

In a post today over at TPM, Josh Marshall expresses his incredulity at Michael Kinsley's unwillingness to believe that the US Attorney firings (or "resignations" as the President puts it) is anything other than an ordinary business-as-usual act by the White House. As Josh Marshall says:

There are many people in this conversation trying to avoid the issues, confuse the issues or just ignore them. And more than a few people are just plain confused. But it's not that complicated. Administration officials have repeatedly and demonstrably lied about the firings. And there is now abundant evidence of a pattern of using the president's power to hire and fire US Attorneys to stymie public corruption investigations of Republicans and use the Justice Department to harass Democrats by mounting investigations of demonstrably bogus 'voter fraud' claims. It's really that simple.

Click on the link above and read the full post. It is definitely worth it.

I personally have been wondering if there has been some calculation on the White House's part that the Supreme Court, with all the new Republican appointments, will side with the President on this issue -- thereby letting Watergate-style abuses (think "Saturday Night Massacre") to go unchecked by Congressional oversight (e.g. by not allowing Congress to compel witnesses like Karl Rove and Harriet Miers to testify under oath). It appears we don't have an Attorney General this time who will resign rather than go along with the President's wishes. Only Congress can stop the abuses this time -- and only if the Supreme Court doesn't get in their way.

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