Friday, August 03, 2007

I Have Arrived

I actually arrived at 12:15am on Wednesday, but I didn't get internet access until tonight.

So far, I am quite pleased with my job. I am working on a project that will use carbon dioxide that would normally be a waste product from petroleum exploration (and is believed to contribute to global warming) to help extract more oil from the ground. See this page for more information about it. It is being advertised as a kind of "green" solution to oil exploration.

We are extremely busy with our project. Beaumont, Texas is a nice town. It's small enough that you don't have traffic jams at 5:00, but it's large enough that you have access to major shopping centers that you would expect in a large town.

If you need to see major sporting events or shows, Houston is only a little more than an hour away.

I am slowly settling in. After the initial shock of moving, I am quickly discovering that things are pretty good here. The weather is a little hot and muggy, but it isn't anything a little air conditioning can't fix. Besides, the ocean is not too far away, either. That's a premium when you are from a landlocked state.

Another difference in the weather is that the biggest threat is hurricanes rather than tornadoes. I was told with hurricanes you get days of warning rather than minutes.

The people I have met have been friendly for the most part; and I am already starting to think that some of my observations in Oklahoma may have been somewhat myopic. On the other hand, I think I may be living in a kind of oasis given what happened on the stock market today (and reading Charles Smith's predictions today at Of Two Minds).

I don't know how long this will last, but I intend to enjoy it while I can.

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