Wednesday, April 04, 2007

And in the Be Careful What You Wish For Department...

From the AP news wire:

TULSA, Okla. A state legislator who authored a drunken driving law is facing municipal complaints of driving under the influence and not using headlights.
Broken Arrow state Representative John Trebilcock was taken into custody about 2:30 AM yesterday near Second Street and Greenwood Avenue.

A police officer alleged in his report that he noticed a strong smell associated with an alcoholic beverage, slurred speech and bloodshot eyes when he stopped Trebilcock.

The officer says the Republican lawmaker refused to take a breath analyzer test because he said he didn't trust the test's validity. Trebilcock paid a 570-dollar bond to get out of the Tulsa Jail about six hours later.

The officer says the lawmaker could stand on one leg and count aloud but couldn't watch the tip of a pen move without turning his head during a field sobriety test.

Trebilcock couldn't be reached for comment today.

He is author of a 2005 law that requires people who are convicted of a second DUI charge to install ignition interlocking alcohol-detection devices in their automobiles before they can get their driver's licenses back.

A municipal charge is usually a first-time charge (municipalities can only charge up to misdemeanors), so Mr. Trebilcock probably won't run afoul of his own law ... yet.

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