Sunday, April 22, 2007

Earth Year

Today is Earth Day. Bill Maher has a New Rule: make it Earth Year. Something I didn't know before is that bee colonies are disappearing. He said we don't know what is causing it, but without bees, plants don't get pollinated. Without pollination, plants won't produce food. Without food, we humans go hungry.

He mentions corn syrup as a potential cause, but I want to make another point about corn syrup. I read on another blog somewhere that the American obesity epidemic started right at the time that we started using corn syrup in all of our food. While our sedimentary lifestyle certainly and larger portion sizes at food establishments certainly contributes to the problem, we should not discount the possibility that the cheaper, sweeter corn syrup isn't contributing to the problem as well.

But back to the bees and the problem with pollination of plants, we are already suffering with drought conditions over the last several years. And the warming of the Earth's atmosphere is contributing to it. The last thing we need is to combine drought conditions with lack of pollination for the plants.

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