Monday, April 16, 2007

Information On Why Jeffrey Taylor Was Appointed US Attorney In DC

From War and Piece:

From a DC lawyer reader:

Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez appointed Jeffrey Taylor to be the US Attorney for the District of Columbia in late September 2006 under the now-infamous provision of the Patriot Act allowing the Attorney General to appoint interim US Attorneys:

US Department of Justice site

At that point, it was evident that the Democrats would retake control of the House of Representatives and that Henry Waxman (D-CA) would be the next chairman of House [Oversight and Government Reform] Committee, with its vast oversight jurisdiction. In fact, numerous stories like ths one had appeared in major newspapers indicating that Waxman would wage a war of oversight on the White House:

LA Times report

It seems apparent that Taylor was placed in to his position to specifically frustrate any Congressional oversight effort.

So how is it that the US Attorney for the District of Columbia spot so conveniently became open at such a critical time? ...

Ken Wainstein was the US Attorney for the District of Columbia prior to Jeffrey Taylor. ...

He was in office only six months before being kicked upstairs to become the first Assistant Attorney General for the new National Security Division at the Justice Department.

(Hat Tip to Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo, naturally)

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