Sunday, April 01, 2007

I Wish This Were an April Fool's Joke....

Glenn Greenwald in an article in today's entitled Your modern-day Republican Party, revealed:

Two of the three leading Republican candidates for President either embrace or are open to embracing the idea that the President can imprison Americans without any review, based solely on the unchecked decree of the President. And, of course, that is nothing new, since the current Republican President not only believes he has that power but has exercised it against U.S. citizens and legal residents in the U.S. -- including those arrested not on the "battlefield," but on American soil.

To which a comment by "SteveLG" was left:

On the Bright Side

Those who "hate us for our freedoms" appear to have less reason to do so, every day.

Well said.

I recommend that you read the linked article above.

Hat Tip to Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo.

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Dave said...

Oh wow. That's bad.