Thursday, June 14, 2007

American Embassy In Baghdad Built With Slave Labor?

In a compilation of news and commentary, a post over at Daily Kos alleges that the American Embassy in Baghdad was built with forced labor.

(sarcasm) Yeah, that's what we want America to stand for. (/sarcasm)

From a story at

Whistleblowers who worked on the embassy have told officials at the State and Justice departments, as well as NBC News, that the contractor, First Kuwaiti International Trading, had brought workers, mostly South Asians and Filipinos, to Baghdad under false pretenses, then abused and threatened them while there.

Then the Bush Administration's State Department did an "investigation" and found "no wrongdoing":

The State Department inspector general, Howard J. Krongard, found no wrongdoing last year in what he describes as a "limited investigation" but acknowledges the company knew he was coming three months before he arrived. Still, his report states: “Nothing came to our attention as a result of the foregoing procedures that caused us to believe that TIP (Trafficking in Persons) violations … occurred at the NEC (New Embassy Complex).”

And the Bush Administration's Justice Department is seeking to wash our hands of it:

In addition, two lawyers in the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, Andrew Kline and Michael J. Frank, have been talking to former First Kuwaiti employees about the charges. U.S. officials tell NBC News that they have not decided whether Justice even has jurisdiction in the case since the alleged violations occurred overseas.

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