Friday, June 01, 2007

Beware Of New Tax Scam Email

In a story at CNN Money, the IRS has warned of a new scam to bilk unsuspecting taxpayers out of their hard-earned dollars.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The Internal Revenue Service warned taxpayers and businesses Thursday of two new and potentially devastating e-mail scams that could silently take over their computer hard drives.

The e-mails contain official-looking IRS logos and information, falsely notifying the reader of IRS action against them or their company.

A link for further information would secretly launch an insidious computer program. That program, a type known as a Trojan horse, could cause a variety of paralyzing problems as it directly accesses the hard drive.

One e-mail purports to come from the IRS criminal investigation division, telling the readers they are under tax investigation in connection with the California Tax Franchise Board. The other e-mail falsely notifies the readers that a complaint has been lodged against them.

The agency issued the warning about the e-mail Thursday, saying it learned of the scams a day earlier.

Officials urge that anyone receiving such an e-mail leave it unopened and especially stay away from any hyperlinks contained in the message.

Recipients of such e-mails are encouraged to forward them to the IRS at

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