Thursday, July 26, 2007

Is the Stock Market Manipulated?

At the Housing Bubble Blog this morning I found this comment intriguing:

Comment by Dawnal
2007-07-26 04:14:10

Another interesting day in the stock market. Up strongly at the open, faded through the day and coming back as the day ended. Up 68 for the day. Why? What was the news that would suggest that the market should be up?

The professional traders that post comments through the day at have no doubts about why. They accept as fact that the government is manipulating the stock market on a daily basis. They note that the indices “gap up” frequently through the day. Several times yesterday there were mentions of stocks being purchased at prices over the ask.

Here is what one posted yesterday:

“When the PPT is engaged near All Time Highs,

you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that:

1) our financial markets are a joke
2) our economy is a dead man walking
3) the bankers control our government
4) we are completely screwed”

And Bill Murphy, a professional trader who publishes the daily MIDAS report at, said:

“For the umpteenth time the problems for US financial markets and the economy disappeared overnight. The DOW is called 65 higher…

Whenever the DOW looks shaky, for whatever reason, and has a really bad day, the PPT makes sure the “Mo” immediately turns back up; at least they make an effort to do so. It has been this way ever since 9/11…”

"PPT" probably refers to the Plunge Protection Team.

I am not quite sure what to make of comments like this. On the one hand, you could make the argument that the credit sector is not the entire stock market. And the comments being made are by individual traders who may be shortsighted in their reading the financial tea leaves. On the other hand, someone buying stocks over their market price sure smells of manipulation.

What bothers me most about some of this talk is the reference to how the "bankers" control the government. In the past, "bankers" became synonymous with "Jewish." What worries me is that there may be antisemitism starting to creep back into popular discourse. If we have a real crash, I fear it may become more pronounced. I am even more concerned considering the push by the White House toward the "unitary executive," the unwillingness to accept Congress' oversight authority and the use of fear (constant terror threat warnings) as an attempt at social control.

Sounds like a movement toward fascism. That is what is so scary about current events.


Anonymous said...

It is precisely your worry that "anti-semitism" is woking its way back into the public discourse that keeps things the way they are.

If your home was being robbed daily, yet you were obstinate in claiming chickens did it instead of a mal-intentioned human, you'd essentially be the thief's best friend.

The test of this lunacy would be complete once you'd see yourself in the street, having no possesions, correcting others who are being robbed into not mentioning human involvement in the crime, because everyone 'knows' only chickens are capable of theft. Not humans, and certainly not Jews.

Let's see how far this politically correct craze takes America. Not even a war with Iran will inspire them to look at the thief, who has a wide open window to access your home.

Elhud Olmert just called for a blockade of Iran with US military resources.

I'm sure it would be anti-semitic to call Olmert what he is; a Jew.

Anonymous said...

Hello Fellow Traders/Investors,

I am a professional institutional trader of one of the largest global investment banks.

I'm writing this because i am getting really sick of all the lies and corruption out there about the stock and financial markets.

Do you want to know the truth?
The truth is the market is manipulated daily by institutions, this means by large banks and proprietry traders (firms using there own capital for trading). The government including the FED etc.. all manipulate the market for there best interests.. The last to know is you. The market moves in cycles (hidden that you dont see).. For all the money that is lost by YOU and other traders, their is 10x more made by professionals. How do they do it? they all follow the same system that you will never see. The government and large bankers have sold their entire portfolios of billions/trillions of dollars (years ago) and are short the market... The market will keep falling and they will keep making more and more money, while the public suffer.. Don't listen to government and banks etc.. because they govern you. Who do you think shorted the market before 911?
The cycles are so powerful they run through everything not just the markets.. i'm talking what you wear/dress, eat, the way you think... what music you buy... what tv program you like... its all programmed.. and programmed for profit. It's more than likely you dont believe me. Thats why there are so many people poor, unable to break free, because they fail to understand what is really happening. Professionals and government have done this and understand this for over a hundred years. The entire journey of your life is governed and has been worked out for maximum profit to government and powerful bankers.
Do you think its a democracy?.

Well you wanted to know the truth. Thats it.