Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Thinkers

I have been tagged by Independent Christian Voice for the Thinking Blogger Award.

The five blogs that make me think are:

1. Of Two Minds by Charles Hugh Smith. Charles is an author, carpenter and economics commentator who thinks outside the box;

2. Audience of One Brian is a public school principal who writes thought-provoking ideas about life and why we are who we are;

3. Pat Condell. This one is more or less a vblog. Pat Condell is a British comedian who has started making weekly comments on politics and religion on YouTube. His videos are irreverent and funny. His videos show how most Christians -- and other people of faith -- turn people like him to disbelief. It is his commentaries that Christian artists like Mark Heard (whose last album this blog is named after) "Everybody Loves A Holy War", Pat Terry "Sounds So Simple" from Humanity Gangsters (now rare) LP and DC Talk's "What If I Stumble" sing about in their referenced songs. Here are a few lines from Pat Terry's song Sounds So Simple that you can't find anywhere else online:

The rest of the world
Now they don't believe it
And I don't blame them
For the example we gave
It's hard to understand
Much less receive it
When the way they see it
Is through the way we behave

(By the way, as an aside, Mark Heard produced Pat Terry's Humanity Gangsters LP.)

4. Robert Reich's blog. Robert Reich is the nation's 22nd Secretary of Labor and a professor at the University of California at Berkeley. He is an accomplished Thinker. He is well-known for thinking outside the box.

5. The Big Picture by Barry Ritholtz. He doesn't need to get "tagged" by me as he already gets tens of thousands of hits a day. But he has become a leading thinker on Wall Street. When Larry Kudlow needs to find someone who doesn't just repeat the conservative free-market mantra, he turns to Barry.


Charles Hugh Smith said...

Thanks, Fred--I am honored to be included in such admirable company!
charles smith

barry said...

Thanks for the kind words --

I am honored to be included in this fine company!