Thursday, July 19, 2007

UnitedHealth Profits Rise

From MarketWatch:

The managed-care bellwether's consolidated medical-care ratio stood at 80.5%, a decrease of 1.1 percentage points from the year-ago period and down 2.2 percentage points from thr first quarter.

That means there is a 19.5% profit margin, if I am reading that correctly. Imagine how many more people could be provided with health care if all of that money went to actual care.

The company generated quarterly revenue of $18.93 billion, up 6% from $17.86 billion.

That means that $18.93 x 0.195 = $3,691,350,000 in just one quarter could be used for all Americans to have all the health care they need from just one company!

That truly is SiCKO.


Ned Hughes said...

Yeah, the healthcare system really gives me big headaches. And I haven't even seen Moore's latest film.

Anonymous said...

Those EVIL, EVIL, EVIL big companies. Let's get big government involved. That always makes things better.