Friday, July 06, 2007

Universal Healthcare As Terrorist Weapon Meme

Josh Marshall at TPM has found a meme that has started among news talk shows: terrorism as a natural byproduct of universal healthcare. See this from this morning's MSNBC show Morning Joe:

Josh says:

It's one of the features of our age that there's a very fine line separating ideas that are too silly to even take note of and ones that quickly began to have a real effect on the public policy debate. Here we have one that clearly should be in the former category but is more likely in the latter.

Seriously, is this what the Republicans are going to try to argue in the upcoming elections in 2008? I hope they do. If they think their prospects are bad now, just wait until the voting public hears this absurd argument in the next election. If there is any indication that the Republican's fitness to rule has passed, this is it.

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