Saturday, September 22, 2007

Gulf Coast Travels: Houston Museum District

There are several museums packed into a very small area in downtown Houston. The Houston Museum District has something for everyone, it seems.

This sculpture and another one just like it greets you at the entrance the the Museum of Fine Arts.

One of the entrances to the Museum of Natural Science

Outside this entrance you can spin a large 5000 pound granite globe suspended on a thin film of water.

At the other entrance is a nice fountain.

Across the street is a statue of Sam Houston. And if you go straight ahead from this picture you find...

A large park. If you turn around instead and walk straight ahead, you will run into...

another group of fountains. But don't get run over by the...

the train that stops in the Museum District.

1 comment:

P M Prescott said...

Great pictures of the different museaums.
The statue of Sam Houston perplexes me. The rules of equestrian statues is: If the person died of natural causes all four legs of the horse are on the ground. If the person died in battle one leg is raised, if the person died in the battle being commemorated both front legs are raised. Houston died of old age, why is the right foreleg raised?