Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Iceman Cometh, Part 2

Not again! Another winter ice/snow storm is currently going through Oklahoma. The first wave come through today. Another one is coming through tonight. And yet another one is going to come through Friday.

The first one took out my carport and totalled my roof. I guess I need to drive my car real careful; otherwise, it will probably get totalled too.


It's snowing instead of icing. I can handle snow, even though the roads are slick. And it's good packing snow, too. So if you come by my house, I'll pelt ya.

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Teri said...

We haven't had snow in weeks now. It's been clear and cold. They suspect rain will come in this weekend so we could get a bit of snow. Pretty bad when it's snowing in Oklahoma and not up in the mountains!