Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Sad Foreclosure Story from Florida

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Bankruptcy and foreclosure


What is the name of your state? FL

I’m from FL.

I’ve read a lot of the posts here and respect the advice of the forum. I have a couple of questions about Chapter 13. I make over 50K, so I think Chapter 7 is out. I had a real estate deal gone bad. I bought a house and construction was slowed down because of the hurricanes so I had to buy another in the mean time, when it came time to close my wife didn’t want to move, so we tried to rent or sell it. A year later no luck. Now the bank is going to foreclose on it, and to top it all off my mortgage payment on my primary now went up $500 and month because they didn’t calculate the taxes correctly. They used the value of the land only to get me to qualify for the payment knowing that they wouldn’t hear about it until a year or more later. There is also no way I will ever be able to sell my primary no because with the taxes and insurance having gone up so much, and the properly values have gone down ( my neighbors house is better and they had to sell it for 150K less than I paid) I will never get close to what I owe. I’ve had some good real estate deals in the past, and was able to cover my mortgage for year, but have put everything I had into it. I do have some unsecured debt, but could pay all of it if I had to. Can I get out of my primary, and what happens to the primary if you are behind and want out, or stay? With my investment house, I don’t know [whether] to let it go into foreclosure. I can’t catch up with the payment and I’m concerned about get a judgment that I will have to pay for the rest of my life, because that will never sell for what I paid for it, and at a foreclosure sale that will never get ½ of what I own. I’m really ready to go back to renting until the market stabilizes, but who will rent to me if I have a foreclosure and a bankruptcy? Thanks.

It is cases like this that show the new means test is hurting unfortunate debtors. This would have been an easy Chapter 7 (liquidation bankruptcy) under the old law. Besides, a lot of the overvaluation of property in Florida is based on mania and fraud (which are, in many cases, tied together).

What are we going to do with an entire generation stuck in the same predicament? What a mess. Our country is so going in the wrong direction.

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