Sunday, January 28, 2007

Mike Shedlock on the Credit Card Hearings

From his post:

Had it not been for Donavan's complaint about credit card companies being able to change contract terms at will for any reason, a reasonable person might have wondered if he was a banking industry shill rather than some sort of consumer advocate. His concern over contract changes seems to indicate otherwise. But if Donavan really wants to be a consumer advocate I think he should pursue the legality of those contracts and take a good hard look at current bankruptcy laws instead of attempting to punish the prudent. If anything, Donavan should be encouraging those with balances to pay them off rather than punish those who do.

There is no need to punish the prudent anyway. After all credit card companies make a profit off card transactions by charging merchants a processing fee on every transaction. Enough is enough.


marcia siegel said...


We are the owners of A&B Enterprises dba Fantasyline. We had been in business for 23 years. Our business was adult talk lines. We have always used live operators to screen our callers and verify bank information. We had excellent fraud control and verification procedures. Our primary form of payment was VISA and MasterCard. We had various merchant accounts. Initially we had merchant accounts with banks. At some point these banks discontinued telephone order processing and or credit card processing so we switched to third party processors etc. Our merchant accounts never had a bad mark against them. They were never cancelled due to chargebacks.

Our last processor was Online Data in Westchester IL. In December 2004 they informed us that they had to switch our account. In April 2005 they stated they could not switch our account because we sold downloadable DVD’s. This was false. We enclosed a letter to that effect to Online Data. The letter did no good and Online Data informed us that due to the nature of our business they could no longer process our charges.

Online Data recommended we contact Nelix to find a merchant account. Nelix refereed us to ECS World UK. This arrangement did not work out as ECS World UK failed to pay us monies owed.

Due to the loss of our merchant account we had to close our business. Online Data claimed that they were being forced to close all Adult Oriented Web Businesses by Visa and Mastercard International and Chase JP Morgan Bank. Fantasyline never was a Web Business. Closing our business abruptly caused us severe hardship.

All deprived us of our livelihood. Aside from depriving us of our livelihood and the complications that caused, we always paid high merchant fees.

Marcia Siege

Anonymous said...
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